Finally the Pandavas arrive at Hastinapur…only to surprise people and shock them back to back by their strange marriages, first Hidimba and then Draupadi

Finally Pandavas are back in Hastinapur in the new Mahabharat with the Panchal princess and their common wife Draupadi. While Dhritarasht is surprise to know they are alive, Bhishm Pitama is more than glad to welcome them in Hastinapur.

As soon as them come in everybody is standing there to welcome them. Gandhari enquires why they did not come earlier to which Yudhishtr gives a smart reply. She then asks Arjun whether or not, she is the first wife of Arjun. Arjun replies this is his second wife. He then discloses that Bheem too married Hidimba in the forest and even has a son now. This news cannot help Shakuni, Duryodhan and his other brothers from laughing. They burst out in laughter thinking about the strange marriage with a rakshasi. Bhishm seems to be shocked by this news but confirms that though he cannot consider his son as heir to the throne, he will still consider him as his grandson. Bheem is happy to hear this from Bhishm pitama.

pandavas draupadi Pandavas Arrive in Hastinapur with Panchali

Gandhari then wants to see, I mean feel, oh well sense the dusri bahu. Draupadi then comes forward to take her blessings. At this stage, Gandhari calls Arjun too so that she can given them aashirward as a couple. However, no sooner she calls Arjun, than all Pandavas come together in unison to take her blessings. Yudhishtr declares that they all are married now. Bhishm pitama tells him to call their wives. He however discloses that they all are married to Draupadi only.

In the precap, we see Bhishm pitama shouting “Adharma” in a very loud voice, claiming that Yudhishtr now cannot claim the throne of Hastinapur. Will this be good news for Duryodhan?

Did Bhishm in the original book too opposeed this marriage of Pandavas with Draupadi?

By: Deepti Verma

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