Will Pari meet Naren and marry him or will she be hooked to Shekhar – What do you think is her destiny in Pavitra Rishta?

Deshmukh Parvivar is Back in India

The entire Deshmukh Parivar of Pavitra Rishta is back in India, after, all the “No, I don’t want to go to India” nautanki. Yes, even Neena, Sachin and their son Gaurav have finally landed in India. I wonder, why the makers have to carry these extras everywhere. They could have been dropped in Canada itself, don’t you think so?

Moving on, Purvi’s daughter Pari who never wanted to visit India have also accompanied the family because she had some business work in India. So, you see somehow or the other way, she will stay in India and finally come face to face of her Aman (actually Naren)

Pavitra Rishta Ankita Naren Pavitra Rishta: Pari and Shekhar or Pari and Naren?

Pari Meets Ankita and Shekhar

Meanwhile, after landing in India, Pari meets Ankita (Ankita Lokhande) for a business meet. Both share a good time and enjoy each other’s company. In fact, the two like each other and also have a list of appreciation words for the other. I wonder, whether the same “I like you, you like me” behavior will continue when Pari will realize that Ankita’s husband Naren is none other than her own Aman.

Pavitra Rishta Pari Ankita Pavitra Rishta: Pari and Shekhar or Pari and Naren?

Will it be Pari – Naren or will it be Pari – Shekhar

Eventually everybody will know that Pari is Ahaana but now that Ankita is already married to Naren, will Pari marry Naren? Do you think that is possible going by the craziness of Naren. Besides, what if Naren gets back to his normal self after meeting original Ahana? Possible, isn’t it?

On the other hand, Pari looks good with Shekhar, the lawyer of Naren and family. The two also like to spend time with each other. This has been observed by both the aajis of the family – Savita and Sulochna. Does, it indicate Pari will marry Shekhar and let Ankita have her Aman as Naren?

By: Deepti Verma

Image Source: Pavitra Rishta Official

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