Prashant Bhushan demands an answer why transparency and rules are not being followed in the appointment of the Chief Vigilance Commissioner

Prashant Bhushan contends that the Chief Vigilance Officer (CVC) is being appointed in an arbitrary and non transparent manner !

What is the Role of CVC ?

CVC is the National Vigilance Chief. In words of Prashant Bhushan – SC Lawyer-“The Central Vigilance Commission, in the absence of the Lokpal, is considered the apex integrity and watchdog institution of the country. Apart from overseeing the vigilance administration, it has also been tasked with superintendence over the CBI in corruption cases and for protection of the whistleblowers.”
K V Chowdary Prashant Bhushan Objects To Appointment of Chief Vigilance Commissioner

K V Chowdhury

Today when Indian Voters are searching for transparency and safety even in foods like two-minute Maggi – our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi is being non-transparent with the appointment of Sh.VK Chowdary as Chief Vigilance Officer.

cvc letter prashant bhushan page 1 Prashant Bhushan Objects To Appointment of Chief Vigilance Commissioner


cvc letter prashant bhushan page 2 Prashant Bhushan Objects To Appointment of Chief Vigilance Commissioner

Why this CVC appointment is disputed and attracts anger ?

The Supreme Court on 13th May 2015 on an assurance had lifted the stay on the appointment of Central Vigilance Commissioner (CVC) and Vigilance Commissioners (VCs). Attorney General appearing for the government assured the Supreme Court that the government would appoint the best person after following a credible transparent selection process.

Was a transparent procedure followed ?

In response of this Public Query enclosed – please find the letter of Sh.Prashant Bhushan (as received by undersigned) which is self explanatory.

This letter with uncleared disputes challenges the Transparency in this appointment and demands to know as to why this choice was never clean and why a proper selection procedure not followed in its appointment.

By Rakesh Manchanda

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