our beloved Pappu, aka, rahul Gandhi is set to begin his year 2016 amidst the air of Europe. But, unlike the previous trips, he has made it public this time

Rahul Gandhi, the cult in the circus of politics, has a bevy of records to have made India guffaw hysterically. Put him into any situation and his moronic mouth will weave out ridicule enough to bemuse us. The latest of all his pol-com was his hilarious interrogation in Bengaluru’s Mount Carmel College, where-in students’ answers to his anti-Modi questions were no less than a impudent slap on his face.

rahul gandhi meme 1 Pappu Dar Gaya!

Coming to the legit force ‘Pappu Dar Gaya’ that steered me to take a word-ride to Rahul Gandhi is his tweet notifying the public of his 2016’s inauguration in Europe. What amazed me and I’m sure, others too, was a sudden changeover within him. Pappu, who unto yesterday, intended to keep his tours under wraps chose to herald it beforehand this time.


If we back-trace along his history, we’ll learn that his fly-over to Bangkok, followed by Aspen (US) was not divulged out and hence heated up a lot of speculation among the members of opposition. But, these two tours did drill into Pappu’s mind the fear of controversies that his opposition earlier had braided and may again do it. So, he played safely this time.

rahul gandhi2 Pappu Dar Gaya!


By Prerna Daga

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