The dynasty of Congress shares an intimate bonding with the folks of Amethi.

A boy born with silver spoon could touch the poverty-ridden spoon, yes, don’t frown, I’m talking about the son of Priyanka Vadra and Robert Vadra, Raihan, who following the footsteps of his filmily-named political mama Rahul Gandhi set his foot on the soil of Amethi. He bantered with the villagers for hours and had an ordinary lunch with them.

Raihan’s visit was quite overwhelming for the folks of Amethi. The thread of bond between Gandhi family and Amethi village is age-old and unbreakable. And such visits from the upcoming generations of Gandhi Dynasty would thicken this bond more and more. Like Kashmir is India’s separate zone with its own distinct constitution, Amethi too seems to be Gandhi’s and not Bjp’s.


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raihan vadra Second Home For Congress After Delhi Is Amethi


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Being only at his 14, Raihan’s affection towards Amethi is so prominent. The constituency of Amethi sees frequent visits from Priyanka and Rahul and now Raihan’s follow-on is explicitly suggestive of Amethi being Gandhi family’s second home.

By Prerna Daga

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