Shall we consider our own Mr. Bhagwat a religious fanatic throwing mud at Mother Teresa’s monumental compassion and humanitarian work?

RSS Chief Mr. Mohan Bhagwat‘s remark that Mother Teresa’s service is motivated by her intent to convert the beneficiaries into Christianity has instantly triggered a bitter controversy. Those who are politically raged against RSS and BJP took it as an opportunity to take pot shots at those outfits. And BJP’s silence or isolated support did not help the matter.

Mother Teresa RSS Controvery Conversions, Mother Teresa, and the Western Mind set

Those who wanted to put their civilized face forward had no alternative but to hold a secularist argument. And those who genuinely believed that Mother Teresa was an embodiment of compassion, naturally rise above narrow religious considerations, more so she was conferred a Nobel prize and anointed as a saint!

Then, where does the truth lie?  Shall we consider our own Mr. Bhagwat a religious fanatic throwing mud at Mother Teresa’s monumental compassion and humanitarian work?  Such a stand would certainly gain many a sympathetic votes in the world as it is constituted today. The fact of the matter is, first, Christianity elevates evangelism and conversion into Christianity to a religious duty. More devout you are more strictly you would adhere to it. And the love for humanity is just a means to achieve this.

After all, by demonstrating a Christian’s love for fellow human beings and the length’s to which one is prepared to go in its demonstration, you are simply spreading the message of the Christ and the greatness of the religion he preached. Thus, to separate a devout Christian such as Mother Teresa and her religious duty consciousness is just artificial.

This is not to say that if some one in dire straits refuses to convert or Mother Teresa had somehow sensed it, she would have refused to help him out or give him asylum in her rehabilitation centers. It is one thing to use the good work done to impress upon the beneficiaries to take to conversion, and it is totally a different thing to put forward conversion as a precondition. Devout as she is, and given the secular laws prevailing in the country, she could not have done so. But it would again be a monumental underestimation if one is to discount the destitute, by far poor, and socially marginalized beneficiaries’ sense of gratitude towards some one who did not mind any hardships to give them a better life. That itself serves as a great asset to the missionaries and a suggestion and a prospect of a more respectable social status are enough to clinch the conversion.

It is perhaps a reiteration to state that the Christian missionaries notoriously start with social and humanitarian work, like medical help, opening schools, taking care of poor and down-trodden before impressing upon them, directly or not, the benefits of adapting their religion. And at all such endeavors, they are not without introducing elements of Christian theology in one form or the other. They may introduce passages from Bible or New Testament. They may introduce religious experiences of the converted people… etc.

mother teresa religious conversion controvery india Conversions, Mother Teresa, and the Western Mind set
In the modern times, and among the educated sections of the people, religious conversions do not cut the ice. For, God and religion are du passé.  So it has been replaced by what is euphemistically and romantically called Cultural Imperialism! 

What is cultural imperialism after all. It is a way of making the subject internalize Western attitudes and cultural practices so that they place them over their native interests. And the way to enmesh them and at the same time instill fear of disentanglement from the enmeshment, is simple: enticements, judiciously dispersed benefits, recognition, status levels etc. And,  indeed an important ingredient is liberal sex pushed down the gullet as modernism and taking advantage of the age and attraction. That is instilling a sort of split-personality, divided loyalty, and a complete dependence on the West and their cohorts wherever one makes his living and lives his social life!

Thus ensuring that the divided loyalty and the split-personality works more in favor of the West as this latter juggles the threads of their social, professional and economic future. After all, is there a way that such individuals could escape if they are implicated in sex scandals? Can they really defend if tens and hundreds of people, from all the related walks of life, work against their legitimate professional rise and recognition?

The fact of the matter is the West’s basic objective is world dominance. That is to be ensured by hook or crook. But the only constraint is that it should be achieved without damaging their image. After all they cannot afford to be seen as perpetrators of social or bloodless Terrorism. And they understand very well that this is to be done in all domains, all walks of life, and not just in international relations but also at the social and individual levels for after all if the mind-sets are controlled, their task becomes that much easier. It really reflects in the mind-sets of the victim nations.

For one Khobragade rescued we do not know how many Chandrasekhars are left to fend for themselves. This practice of what can be called ANTHROPOLOGICAL CONVERSION clearly shows why in these modern days also the affluent Western countries abet religious conversions.

By: Dr. C. Pratap

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