What is shirt fronting; why is PM Narendra Modi talking about it in the Australian parliament? Why did Tony Abbot speak about shirtfronting Vladimir Putin?

Why Is PM Narendra Modi talking About Shirt Fronting?abbott imgmodi123wer WHAT IS SHIRT FRONTING?

  1. For most Indians, the term shirt fronting is meaningless; if most of us were to hazard a guess we would think it has something to do with a new style of men’s clothing. And so PM Narendra Modi’s reference to shirt fronting in his address to the Australian parliament was rather puzzling.
  2. Shirt-fronting is a term widely used in connection with the AFL or the Australian Football League – a shirt fronter refers to a player who performs a “head-on charge aimed at bumping an opponent to the ground”. To understand what shirt fronting means refer to the video below this post.
  3. Shirt fronting made global headlines recently when Australian Prime Minster Tony Abbot spoke about confronting Russian President Vladimir Putin on the issue of Australians who died in flight MH17 crash.
  4. shirtfronting WHAT IS SHIRT FRONTING?The statement of Mr. Abbot where he said “Australians where murdered. I’ going to shirt front Mr. Putin” has either been criticised as inappropriate and testosterone fueled posturing or has been welcomed as some much needed tough talking to the Russians. Predictably Mr Abbot’s machismo came in for a lot of ribbing; humourists and cartoonists had a field day with it.
  5. India’s PM Narendra Modi made a lighthearted mention of shirt-fronting in his speech to the Australian parliament, which has again made international headlines.
  6. Modi jokingly said that forcing his people to listen to speeches one after the other from various leaders such as David Cameron, British PM, Xi Jingping, the Chinese president and now him, was Abbot’s way of “Shirt-fronting the Australian people”.
  7. In an uncharacteristically self deprecating style (or maybe he was only deprecating other leader who went before him?) PM Modi expressed amazement at the fortitude of the Aussie MPs listening to him speak. “I am the third head of government you are listening to this week… I don’t know how you are doing this,” he remarked.
  8. Via his reference to a peculiarly Aussie term, Modi has perhaps shown his affinity to the Australian people; perhaps struck a chord and also shown himself as a world leader of great self confidence possessed of a certain wit as well. This also lends credence to the media reports about the remarkable personal chemistry between the two leaders of Australia and India.

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