In the Star Plus Mahabharat, Arjun breaks the rule of Kurukshetra after hearing about the death of Abhimanyu. Did he really go to war after sunset? Know the actual story here. Also read, how and when did Arjun took his great vow

Abhimanyu’s death in the Kurukshetra war of Mahabharat was tragic as the Kauravas killed the maharathi by chal and kapat – wrong means. While his death was nearly tragic in the Star Plus Mahabharat just like the mythology minus the drama, somehow the after scenes was not only funny, weird but also absurd.

The reason? Well, unlike the mythology where Arjun mourns his son’s tragic death. Here, we see him roaring in the Kauravas camp and challenging Jayadrath, and even wanting to fight after sunset. No wonder, his dialogues made the mythological drama a comedy riot. Strange to see the Pandavas breaking the sunset rule of the war here in the serial. This wasn’t the thing that occurred.

abhimanyu star plus mahabharat Ignore Star Plus Mahabharat   Know What Actually Happened After the Death of Abhimanyu!

So, What Actually Happened After Abhimanyu’s Death?

On the day of Abhimanyu’s death, both Lord Krishna and Arjuna after a successful day prayed Sandhya, the goddess of twilight and started moving towards the tent of Yudhisthira. On their way, Arjun got an abstruse anxiety – the feeling that some major devastation has taken place. Lord Krishna somehow relaxed him by saying many of the Kauravas lie dead, you be assured, it is only in your thoughts.

Arjuna, then one by one starts thinking about his brothers – “Guru Dronacharya was behind Yudhisthira – did he succeed in capturing my elder brother? How about my other brothers – Are they safe? How about King Drupad and Virata, have they by any chance encountered any calamity?

Soon, the duo reach their premises. To Arjun’s surprise, they weren’t welcomed with trumpets or by singing the songs of victory, instead everybody moved away from him by bowing their head down. There wasn’t happiness of victory on their face, but only sadness.

This increased Arjuna’s suspicion and he became more restless when he couldn’t see Abhimanyu coming towards him to greet him and welcome him back. Besides, on his way he had heard soldiers talking about Dronacharya forming a chakravyu which only he and Abhimanyu had the capacity of breaking.

abhimanyu mahabharat Ignore Star Plus Mahabharat   Know What Actually Happened After the Death of Abhimanyu!

At once, he rushed into the tent to see all his brothers sitting with their heads down. Worst, Abhimanyu was missing from his seat. Arjuna became pale and cried out loud, begging his elder brother to speak what had happened. With tears in his eyes and grief in his heart, Yudhisthira narrated the Kauravas misdeeds which took away Abhimanyu’s death.

Arjuna then realized Duryodhana’s wicked plan and regretted staying out of the main fight which became the cause of his son’s death. However, Krishna tried to calm him but saying it wasn’t his fault.

He then asked his elder brother Yudhisthira to narrate the story and he mentioned how like a hero Abhimanyu tried to help the Pandavas and how the Pandavas followed him but somehow the Sindh ruler Jayadrath couldn’t let the Pandavas follow Abhimanyu. He then told Arjun, it was boon from Mahadeva to Jayadrath that one day of the Kurukshetra War will be his day where he would be unbeatable against Pandavas. The day was his, which ultimately became the cause of Abhimanyu’s death who was slained by Dussasana’s son.

Yudhishtira continued saying that before dying your son killed many heroes including the great kings. Arjuna couldn’t control himself and cried in pain. However, he somehow gathered his strength, stood upright and made a vow. This was Arjuna’s great vow. It was less of Arjuna’s vow but more of Abhimanyu’s father’s vow. The vow was to kill Jayadrath before the sunset of the subsequent day. What’s more Arjuna said, “If I’m not able to kill Jayadrath, then I shall enter blazing fire and nobody would will be able to prevent my death.

Suddenly this vow of Arjuna gave the Pandavas a new hope as they knew if Arjun took a vow, he shall make it happen. This voice made the Kauravas wonder – “why there is a celebration in Pandavas tent?” At once came Jayadrath dreaded in fear and mentioned Duryodhana and the rest, about Arjuna’s vow.

Dronacharya then vowed to protect Jayadrath and also assured him that, if he dies, he is ought to reach heaven and not hell since he was a true Kshatriya and had followed the sacred duties. Not to forget, sacrifices as well.

And, then the fight broke out after the sunrise next day unlike shown in the Star Plus Mahabharat where Arjun like apna Bollywood ka Sunny Deol goes in the Kaurava tent and yells for a war post sunset.

With Inputs from Drona Parva – English translation by Kesari Mohun Ganguli , Drona Parva by Manmatha Nath Dutta and Mahabharata Retold by Krishna Dharma

Image Source: Chakravyu, Abhimanyu

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