Before Modi makes his majestic presence at Silicon Valley, the tech wizard Sundar Pichai showers him with his hospitality.

Who across the globe has not heard of tech big-wig Sundar Pichai? I assume ‘zero’  to be the call for the aforementioned question.

sundar pichai Sundar Pichai: Modi’s Visit Will Energize The Entire Silicon Valley

The recently made CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai is that shining star of India who through his talent had projected the stardust of India all around the planet.

Sundar Pichai broadcasted a video depicting his heartfelt greetings to welcome Narendra Modi in Silicon Valley.  His and his team’s zeal to meet Modi was evident through his video. He also stated that Modi’s sublime presence would be like a down pour of energy in Silicon Valley.



As what is the buzz all around, Modi is scheduled to be in Silicon Valley on September 27. He would step his foot almost on all the tech giants like Google , Facebook and suchlikes to discuss and sew up umpteen technological developments in India.

Just wish Modi, like always, leaves behind a mesmerizing and monumental effect there also.

By Prerna Daga

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