Bravo, Sunny. Because it takes a lot to muster enough courage to be honest enough to disclose the willingness and contentment in her career choice she made.

From being Karenjit Kaur Vohra to Sunny Leone was not an easy journey for a girl from small town Sarnia in Canada to set about on. What about ‘her’ astonishes me the most is her willingness and not the situational obligation to embark upon this career and what impresses ineffably, if not others but me at the least, is a fit of honesty her persona exudes on being asked about her porn career. Not everybody can take a stand for something which hypocrite public haul over the coals despite relishing it themselves.

Sunny Leone Ragini MMS Success Party 1 Why Does Sunny Leone Deserve To Be Respected?

I don’t prefer to tag right or wrong with her name but I certainly appreciate the sheer righteousness in her bold honesty about the choice she made to be an adult entertainer. Whether her driving force to be a pornstar was to cash in at some gargantuan degree or to rule in the eyes of public need not be something conversed over but, her audacity to express her undistorted, but anathematic thoughts in public, without at all being apologetic about it, is purely commendable.

Sunny Leone Mandate 3 Why Does Sunny Leone Deserve To Be Respected?

Despite being the most googled celebrity of 2014, ask any to utter a few good words in her honour and I bet lips will be sewed up. To throw my opinion, anybody can be greedy enough to please themselves with her naked body but themselves, not naked enough to be not masked. Sunny rather, in my eyes, doesn’t just display her naked anatomy but has kept her soul naked which to do takes a lot of guts. For, everyone around us has a different character behind the veil they walk along with. But, Sunny is different and I exalt her for her honesty.

sunny leone latest news Why Does Sunny Leone Deserve To Be Respected?


By Prerna Daga

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