Sushma’s service to nation and its every individual is commendable.

To all the Congress leaders, if you can use up your unused, rather wasted time on slandering BJP every then and now, do browse through this article and cringe in shame which seems to have vaporized from each of you.

Sushma Swaraj, as known to all, is a Foregin Minister and she pretty well corroborates the substance of this post. When LalitGate was in the air and Congress was hellbent to get the air cleared, none of the Congress men pinpointed her admirable acts she had carried out, but only poured scorn on her humanitarian aid assisted to Lalit Modi seeking vengeance in the situation.

sushma swaraj Sushma’s Laudable Twitter Aid By Saving UAE Girl From Traffickers

Here are the 12 tweets to which Sushma’s prompt service is profoundly commendable:

1. When she helped an Indian stuck in Saudi Arabia, for his boss defied to return his passport to him.

2.When Neha Agarwal Parikh’s mom, on her tour to Europe, misplaced her passport and was denied departure from Turkey.


3.When she rescued a girl of Indian origin, who was stuck in South Africa and could have got hurt, but before that could have happened, Swaraj came as a saviour.


4.When she helped a lady’s mother who unfortunately on her vacation in Bali met an accident but the hospital denied the acceptance of Indian Insurance.


5.When Indian girl lost her money and passport in Germany.

6. When a woman trapped in the blight of Yemen posted a picture of her baby and sought early evacuation of her family.


7.When she helped a man regain his passport and recover his advance money from the company abroad.


8. When she recently helped UAE girl escape from the clutches of traffickers.


This lady has added veritable meaning to our democracy, managing affairs not only at national and international level, but individual level.

Saffron would shine brighter and brighter, if the leaders are such-likes.


By Prerna Daga

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