Let me explain further – you feed the toddy cat only coffee beans – after digestion the animal poops- you then stir this poop  in your cup! Read More

1. Balut

This is a common street food in South East Asian Countries of Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and Philippines. It is actually a boiled egg consisting of developing duck embryo eaten in the egg shell itself along with pre-natal stuff. This bizarre food is mostly eaten as a Chakna with beer. 

Balut Bizarre Food Eleven Crazy Foods Around The World

2. Dog Penis

While, men of the world might do lots of things to increase their virility, and women might spend millions to glow their skin, the Chinese have cheaper solution. Well, all they do is indulge in an authentic dish of Dog or Donkey Penis . Yes, there are restaurants in China that serve various  types of penis. The canine appendage not only increases the virility of men but also improves skin texture of women. Guess what? It is also low in cholesterol.

Dog Penis Eleven Crazy Foods Around The World

3. Mongolian Boodog

The land of Genghis Khan in order to survive from tough weather has its own strange delicacies, one such Gourmet Affair is Boodog. Here, a goat or a marmoat’s flesh is removed carefully. The flesh is then cooked in the same hollow skin of the animal with hot stones.

4. Rocky Mountain Oyster

The word “Oyster” might make you think that this food is a sea food but it is actually deep fried bull calf testicles.  A popular dish in the Americas – it is called  criadillas in Mexico, Argentina and Spain. In Canada, they are not deep fried but in Demi glace. Alternatively, pig and sheep testicles too are used instead of Bull.

rocky mountain oysters buffalo balls bizarre food Eleven Crazy Foods Around The World

 5. Sannakji (Live Octopus)

Want to try tasting a live octopus in your plate while its tentacles still move? Try the North Korean specialty Sannakji! This strange dish consist of live baby octopuses. However, be careful when you eat this weird dish as it can be a choking hazard

koreans eating live octopus sannakji Eleven Crazy Foods Around The World

6. Fried Tarantulas

Fried Tarantulas or Fried Spider is a special dish of Cambodia which according to historians, Cambodians started eating for their survival during the Khmer Rouge dynasty. Although, some people find it tasty, I’m yet to come in terms with this dish.

tarantulas bizarre foods Eleven Crazy Foods Around The World

 7. Mopane Worms

Mopane or Mopani Worms are edible caterpillars found in the Southern region of Africa. Rich in proteins, they can either be eaten raw or as crispy snack or cooked with spices and onion. In addition, Mopane worms can also be eaten in their dried form. These dried mopani worms are mostly packed in chilli or tomato sauce to enhance its flavor. I guess some folks will eat anything served up on a plate.

mopane 10 bizarre foods Eleven Crazy Foods Around The World

8. Kopi Luwak

All coffee lovers, this is exclusively for you! This special variety of coffee is found only in Indonesia and is the most expensive in the world. The specialty about this coffee is that, it is the excreta of coffee from a toddy cat aka Asian Palm Civet. Let me explain further – you feed the cat only coffee beans – after digestion the animal poops it out and then you stir this poop  into your cup. So, next time when you are in Indonesia do try this bizarre food. This brew is sure to perk you up first thing in the morning!

poop coffee bizarre food Eleven Crazy Foods Around The World

kopi coffee bizarre foods Eleven Crazy Foods Around The World

 9. Beondegi

When in Korea do as the Koreans do, and munch steamed or boiled silkworm pupae as a snack. What a replacement to corn!

Beondegi bizarre foods Eleven Crazy Foods Around The World

 10. Snake Wine

Served in Vietnam and China, Snake Wine is either made by steeping a snake or even a King Cobra in rice wine or by mixing the blood of the snake with alcohol. For all those people wanting to taste a new drink, here’s one for you. Cheers!

Snake Wine Eleven Crazy Foods Around The World


11. Red Ant Larvae Chutney

And closer to home we have Chaprah (from Chattisgarh) a chutney made of red ants and ant larvae. This is simple to make- all you do is dry the ants – next fry them add spices, sugar and enjoy with all your meals. Also keeping in mind our love for spicy food a small portion of this mix can have smoke coming out of your ears. Perfect!

chaprah indian bizarre food Eleven Crazy Foods Around The World



By: Deepti Verma


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